who we are


Mikayla Connolly is a junior at Raritan High School. She adores reading, writing, and binge-watching The Office. When she’s not in school, she interns with Project Write Now. She is an editor for Affinity Magazine’s Mental Health section, as well as for We The Ppl, a podcast dedicated to making politics accessible for youth. She is also a staff writer for BOLD Magazine and GLUE Magazine. She hopes to one day write a book, and for that book to be someone’s favorite book.

Vivian Parkin DeRosa is a Communications High School student with an intense love for books, which inevitably led to a passion for writing. She enjoys scribbling down both prose and poetry, particularly spoken word, and believes that the true key to writing is a thick black pen. She finds a happy mix of both expanding her own knowledge and teaching others at Project Write Now. Currently, she’s revising a full draft her first novel and performs poetry when she can find the chance.

Nathalia Garcia is a Brookdale Community College student majoring in Creative Writing. She loves reading and writing poetry and prose. She recently read Jane: A Murder and fell in love with the brutality of words. She is spiritual and adores nature, keeping her bookcase cluttered with plants. Yoga and art are a daily part of her life. Through a personal project titled “Blurryface,” Nathalia sketches the human figure featuring various emotions. Blurryface has inspired much of her writing, and through her words, she has become her own person. Aside from this paramour of hers, Nathalia also writes about connection, feeling like a foreigner in the country she was born in, and her experiences in her own skin.
EILEEN HUANG || intern

Eileen Huang is a senior at High Technology High School. She was named the 2015 Northeast National Student Poet, and has been published in The Best Teen Writing of 2015. As a National Student Poet, Eileen acts as a literary ambassador for her region, hosting workshops and readings in her community as part of a year-long community service effort. In addition, she was given the opportunity to read her poetry to First Lady Michelle Obama at a private ceremony in the White House. Eileen works as a prose editor at TRACK//FOUR Magazine and a blog correspondent for The Adroit Journal.
AIDAN KANE || intern

Aidan Kane is a freshman at Middletown High School South. He enjoys spending his time in the Project Write Now studio. What started as taking a class about horror writing flourished into a love for the all of the programs PWN has to offer. When Aidan isn’t in the studio or studying, he plays lacrosse for his high school. Some of his favorite hobbies include photography and surfing, though his true passion is writing. He hopes to go to Syracuse for journalism or UCLA for marine biology. His dream job would be to write and photograph for National Geographic.

Nicole Molnar enjoys all forms of art. Former dancer, she now focuses mainly on drawing and writing. She has been on staff for Bridge Ink since the very beginning and created the first Ekphrastic piece of art. She is fascinated by human anatomy and nature and because of this, she is pursuing a career in the medical field. Currently, she is a student at Communications High School where she further refines her skills in the arts. She is the assistant art director for her school’s drama program and is a member of NAHS (National Art Honors Society) as well as NHS (National Honors Society).