who we are


Casey RJ Dalrymple is a recent graduate of English and American literature from New York University, with a deep interest in language and its potentialities, within and beyond the writer’s control. When not working on passion projects, Casey passes his time learning mandolin. He hopes to teach language arts professionally in the near future.



Nathalia Garcia is a Long Branch High School student who loves reading and writing poetry and prose. She recently read Jane: A Murder and fell in love with the brutality of words. She is spiritual and adores nature, keeping her bookcase cluttered with plants. Yoga and art are a daily part of her life. Through a personal project titled “Blurryface,” Nathalia sketches the human figure featuring various emotions. Blurryface has inspired much of her writing, and through her words, she has become her own person. Aside from this paramour of hers, Nathalia also writes about connection, feeling like a foreigner in the country she was born in, and her experiences in her own skin.


Madelyn Monaghan is an actress and writer with a passion for stories in all forms. She is a graduate of The American Musical & Dramatic Academy’s two-year conservatory program in NYC and attends the Riggio Writing and Democracy Honors program at The New School. She won a Scholastic Art & Writing National Gold Medal for her play and is a two-time National YoungArts winner for both theater and writing. Madelyn is currently writing weekly articles for The Odyssey Online magazine and working on a novel.


VIVIAN PARKIN DEROSA || assistant editor

Vivian Parkin DeRosa is a Communications High School student with an intense love for books, which inevitably led to a passion for writing. She enjoys scribbling down both prose and poetry, particularly spoken word, and believes that the true key to writing is a thick black pen. She finds a happy mix of both expanding her own knowledge and teaching others at Project Write Now. Currently, she’s revising a full draft her first novel and performs poetry when she can find the chance.


EILEEN HUANG || assistant editor

Eileen Huang is a junior at High Technology High School. She was named the 2015 Northeast National Student Poet, and has been published in The Best Teen Writing of 2015. As a National Student Poet, Eileen acts as a literary ambassador for her region, hosting workshops and readings in her community as part of a year-long community service effort. In addition, she was given the opportunity to read her poetry to First Lady Michelle Obama at a private ceremony in the White House. Eileen works as a prose editor at TRACK//FOUR Magazine and a blog correspondent for The Adroit Journal.


LAUREN RESTUCCI || assistant editor

Lauren Restucci is a Howell High School student who is an avid supporter for all things literary. From her AP English classes to her Brookdale-sponsored Creative Writing Program at Monmouth County Creative Arts High, she devotes her time to improving her writing techniques and mentoring others to do the same. Over the years, she has found her voice in the organic imagery within the intimate interactions between two people. Because of this, her main concentration has evolved from narratives into screenplays since she started taking a play-writing class at Actor’s Playground, though she still performs more of her poetry and prose pieces to the public. She finds enjoyment in writing her dreams and educating others about her inspirations and lessons from life.