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by Talia T., 10

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We publish 8-10 young writers and 1 piece of student artwork (for our Ekphrastic Challenge) per issue. Issues come out every two months. Read more about the Ekphrastic Challenge below.

If you’re not sure what you want to write about, every week we post a new writing prompt in the bottom left corner of this page.

Writing is the vehicle to self-expression. We want to hear your voice!


Ekphrastic Challenge

The editors at Bridge Ink have created an Ekphrastic Challenge series using submissions of teen artwork to inspire poetry and prose.

Write a poem, story, or essay in response to or in reflection of the featured art, and then submit your work here. Winners will be posted as the featured story in the following issue.

If you’re an artist and would like a chance to feature your art for the next Ekphrastic Challenge, please submit your art here.