5.5 Feature Issue

We have put together a special issue of Bridge Ink featuring interview stories written by teens who participated in The Interview Project during the summer of 2021. This project required teens to interview members of Shore House, a clubhouse for adults living with mental illness, and document the stories they want to preserve. Project Write Now has been working with Shore House for over five years, and we are so proud to have our teen writers share their stories.

GEORGIA B., 15 || a story of perseverance: an interview with Kerri
MADISON B., 15 || the trials and tribulations of tragedy: an interview with Martha
JESSICA R., 17 || hope: an interview with Fran
ALYSSA S., 17 || an advocate’s act of courage: an interview with Taylor
TY Y., 18 || how I learned to stop worrying and love scorpions: an interview with Danny Rocker