a poem from the core of the world

by Jacklyn A., 14

New York –

She stays out all night and works her plain business job in the day.
With no thought, she would give it up all up just to go back in time to when she was young.
With 20 years of age she works as an apprentice in a magazine company where they treat her like a coffee maid.
Getting home is always exhausting because the twirls of numbers rewind and confuse her subconscious mind.
The night grows endlessly and her mind extends to parts where life never was to begin with.

Virginia –

He’s an old fashioned father of a family of 5.
He has two jobs that don’t pay enough but their life is perfectly fine.
Stress is the beginning of his worries as the fights and discussions with his forever partner begin.
Life was never easy for him because a father figure was never in existence.
But pushing along his children for a better life and an equal future is part of his continuation of his horrific and irritating life.

New Jersey –

Peaches and oranges are the covering of her dress; she’s the young teenager sniffing the perfumes and talking about them to herself in stores.
Her heart is wrapped with a thread of tape but her brain is covered in chains and locks.
Las Vegas plays her like a guitar and rips the music notes in half when they exit from her vocal cords.
Comic books are a passing of her time but movies catch her attention like the cold wind from a summer breeze free day.
The hair ties she never uses but still has cover her room floor follow the oldest magazines with titles that make you insecure.
She overflows with tears but hides them with a cold blank smile.