an imagination

by Jacqueline P. G., 13

I walk beyond and beyond
Lightness striking in my eyes
Seeing my shadow under my feet
Looking around
Turning my head 360 degrees
Seeing my bed
A million pillows
Not always neat
But today, yes
My covers pink as my cheeks
And purple as my birth stone
Windows with curtains with silver stars
The sun looking into my soul
Desk white as pureness
My chair black as darkness
And my pens, pencils, notebooks organized
Color by color
Like the rainbow
String lights hanging over my bed
Colorful shining with pictures of my family
Nightstand sitting there next to my bed
Truly never used
Except to hold a lamp
My computer and bookshelf all just there
With one book to bring me joy
A canvas with a cross and heart to symbolize
I still have to discover

Red Bank, New Jersey