an inspirational business journey

by Anonymous

Our childhoods are extremely significant in the way they help shape us into the people we are today. 

Born in New Jersey, Dayna Johnson has always been very creative. Making art pieces, creating skincare products, and coming up with new ideas for projects were just some of the ways she utilized her creativity.

As she grew up, her creativity only increased in college. She attended Rutgers-New Brunswick, where she said she first started coming up with ideas for a business. 

Dayna was inspired by her childhood memories and the fun times she had—spending time with family or hanging out with friends. This eventually blossomed into her company. After college, she created what is now known as Nostalgia Skincare Cafe. Customers can enjoy body butters and glitters that will leave their skin silky smooth and glowing, as well as body oil and many more products to come. 

Her product line “Royalty” was inspired by her childhood love of castles, princes, and princesses. It represents how she feels about being proud of how she grew up and all the wonderful times she had. The time she spent at the beach with her family, in the cool water, and playing in the warm sand created everlasting memories. She loved making sandcastles and finding seashells around the seashore. 

This prompted her to think of more ideas to turn them into future nostalgic-themed products for all to enjoy. One of her main goals was to create skincare items that are compatible with many different skin types. She experienced issues finding suitable skincare for herself. For people with dyer skin, great moisturizing products are needed to make their skin obtain more moisture. She felt unhappy about it and wanted to make a change in the beauty industry. 

Along the way, Dayna realized that becoming a business owner is not easy. She had some difficulties along the way. So she researched different topics: Essential ingredients for many skin types, how to make a website, where to get labels for packaging, and more. She eventually came to the conclusion that challenging herself is fun, and she is able to grow as a person while learning through the process. 

Dayna’s goal is to empower more People of Color to start their own businesses, which will inspire many to follow their dreams. Even though it might be intimidating at first, obtaining the goal of launching a business will remind people of why they started a business, to make a difference in the lives of others. In college, Dayna did not originally know she was going to create Nostalgia Skincare Cafe. Even though it was a new change in her life, she rose to the challenge and persevered to achieve her goals.