balancing on the roof of words

by Grace S., 11

Wind blew over, and the hurricane hid the only hope I had. I struggled forward only to find a wall, a wall I could not climb, could not even begin to conquer. That is what life is like sometimes. That is what I thought when we moved.

Moved to the city of words. Where the tall apartment, where I now resided, was full of short, colorless people. They had no words, but the city had words. As I explored, I found color that became the new sun the hurricane almost left. Then I met her.

She had dark hair, dark eyes, and couldn’t smile, but she was the most colorful person I had ever seen. I knew that girl, living in a mini home under mine, would become my friend. And we became friends. Friends Forever.

I never stopped dreaming, my mind whirling, and calculating. I wanted to become a writer when I grew up, know the world through words not action. Write fantasy and realistic fiction, and everything my mind was dreaming, whirling, and calculating.

Then we found the roof, our own secret world inside our own secrets. I laughed up there, she didn’t frown but she didn’t smile. She never smiled, but up on that apartment roof, the green roof, with swirling plants in every direction, I could believe it might happen. As we looked down upon the City of Words.

Finally, I brought my notebook, my secret plan for the future, full of superpowers, crying, and love. A future I couldn’t yet untangle, actually I didn’t want to untangle, because up on that green roof, plants arching over our heads, looking down on that City of Words, she smiled.

Oceanport, New Jersey