be yourself

by B. F., 13

It’s okay to make mistakes

because we’re all human

and no one is perfect.

It’s okay to express yourself even if you get embarrassed

because it just shows you don’t care what others think

and that you’ll do what makes you most joyful.

It’s okay to stand out in the crowd

even if you’re the only one.

It’s okay to do things differently

because no one does things normally

and there is no such thing as normal.

It’s okay to speak up for your beliefs

because everyone has their own opinions.

It’s okay to cheer someone up

even if you don’t know them,

it just means you’re a kind person

and are willing to take the risk.

It’s okay to have fun

because everyone needs a break.

It’s okay to try new things

because there’s a first for everything

even if you don’t enjoy it right away.

It’s okay to cry

because that just means you have a heart and feelings.

It’s okay to show emotions

because everyone has certain feelings toward certain things.

It’s okay to have opinions

because everyone has different points of view,

so no one is right or wrong.

It’s okay to want to change the world;

everyone wants to live in a peaceful world

where there is no war

and people of all ethnicities live in places that are diverse.

It’s okay to want to improve yourself

because you want to become a better person

and show everyone that you can improve on everything

even if you’re not perfect in the end.

Everyone can improve physically, intellectually, and spiritually.

It’s absolutely necessary to think or feel whatever you want

because it’s your choice and decision.

Remember, nobody is perfect.

Everyone will make mistakes,

but it’s okay.


 Red Bank, New Jersey