by Jonathan B., 13

by Twesha D., 17

Bright lights starry skies,
City lit like fireflies.
Golden sand,
Captured by the wave’s band
Misty dew,
Humans few.
Lightening sound,
On a journey bound.
Adventures wide,
The roads I ride.
Cacophony of sound,
Going round and round.
Fresh start,
Old life depart.
Healing of the soul,
Plays a big role.
Darkness descends,
Yet the journey never ends.
On and on we go,
Seeds we sow.
Sun kissed,
Totally blissed.
Leaves fall,
But we carry through it all.
Long road,
Heavy load.
The suns set,
Living for the bet.
Be bold,
Who knows what our tomorrows hold.