chicken and dumplings

by Curran K., 13

Stanley the dumpling was getting cooked in his pot. He had never felt better. He was surrounded by his friends and some chicken. He was just sitting there getting tan and talking with his friends.

Suddenly, his tan stopped and he and his friends were separated.

“Stop! NO! Take me back!” he screamed.

It seemed as though no one could hear him. He was put on a plate with Bernard (the chicken) and his friend Tom he had known since preschool.

A sauce was poured over them all. He loved the taste of the sauce so he licked some off himself, but at the same time he wondered why sauce was getting poured on him to begin with.

He and his plate buddies were put on a wooden table.

“Oh no,” he thought.

There were giants towering over them.

Then all of a sudden, everything went black.