by K. G., 14

it’s funny how your childish smile can brighten up my day

but you never seem to notice

until I find the hope in me to tell you what’s up

don’t get me wrong

I’m trying not to sound cheesy

the wind blows just pushing me closer to the edge of the rooftop

where at the bottom an array of roses with their sharp thorns poke out

trying to contain my emotions

not seeing what awaits my complicated faith

it’s like the way I am writing on this paper is just filled with the truth about myself

it takes up my mind how many secrets I hold

but it brings joy in me hiding so many things

my life is just so crowded

like the feeling of being trapped inside a narrow box

there’s just not enough space to contain my inner thoughts of my wonderland life

it feels like a surreal dream I never want to awake from

walking right through tall trees and thick fog

and maybe I’m wrong and I might be hallucinating

but I just await that one hopeful day

where I’m actually able to see your childish smile

once again


 Red Bank, New Jersey