dear beauty

by Trinitee S., 13

Dear Beauty,

I painted a picture of you today. Although you look different to everyone, I painted you the way I thought you would look. The way I wanted you to look. Your nose, perfectly shaped to match your face. Your lips, a beautiful shade of pink. Your eyes, as blue as the ocean, I could stare at them all day, swim in their beauty. Your hair, red as the flames that surround my heart when I look at you. Your skin, the peachy pale color I would call perfect.

My dear darling beauty, your face is what I live for, what I desire. Your face will get me what I want, what I desire. With your face, Beauty, I can conquer the world. I can walk about with no regrets, no insecurities, no more crying, no more dying inside. So, my darling Beauty, tell me, how did you get that way? And how do I get like that too?