dear mother

by Nathaly S., 16

It’s been exactly 77 days since
You bound me to the ellipsis on my tongue,
The tangible hyphen between bare feet
And the still blades of grass
Overhead shadows trailing with chirps pierce through rays of celestial beauty
The sun dances along desolate roads,
Melancholy at its doorstep
I felt smothered
                        Overly sun-kissed, mosquito
Bliss at the sight of saturated
Denim neglected on river banks
I taste the ocean
In bitter tears the ocean itself—
My echos of which burst into teal
Flecks of ocean like foam,
Only silence…
Solitaire is
Palms unwrapped in plastic is
The mask over mask of outdoor pleasure
I beg of you,
In a bold flamboyant font semicolon size 60
In a sophisticated italicization
The feel within the lovely figure of your face left
Snowy mountain tops glisten in the absence of our presence
The ripple of an untouched world has drained the sky of its colorful pigment
Lesson learned
Lesson needs not to be repeated
Oh sensitive mother, nature
In its well deserved rest
Lonely stars have embedded
Themselves in the outer reaches of my
Mind hidden in fear of curiosity
Killing the cat
Forgive my impatience yet it’s been exactly 77 days and I’ve yet to swallow the ellipsis on my tongue

those who still breathe

Red Bank, New Jersey