by Sylus F., 16

I’m sorry, the number you’re trying to reach has been disconnected…
No, not disconnected. Disrespected. At two in the morning,
“You up?” texts just weren’t what I needed from you.
You wouldn’t know that, I always replied to you even if I was not, in fact, awake.
That’s why your ringtone is the loudest, so I know when it goes off.
Like you go off, for weeks at a time, “finding yourself” right?
Well, surprise, you’re right here, no unzipping needed, I found you.
Not that I would really know who you are anyway, you never show me.
And that would be fine, if you didn’t know everything about me.
Not everything, I have yet to tell you why I don’t sleep anymore or
The way I like to wander graveyards of notebooks and poetry
When it’s two in the morning, not text you about how amazing you think you are.
No, everything about me is not available to you,
And by not available I mean, you have no access.
Identification needed for further information, tell me about you.
But I don’t wanna hear it, I want to leave it far in the past,
Bury you deep in the memory card on my phone and then disconnect.

I’m sorry the number you’re trying to reach has been disconnected…
No, not the number, you are the one disconnected.
Disconnected from reality, the fact that I haven’t answered in a month.
I switched your ringtone, now it plays “Blocked.”
That’s a silent one. If you didn’t know. In fact it doesn’t play at all.
I got tired of hearing your voice. In my few hours of silence,
No, not tired, I got bored with it. With you.
I got bored with trying to get you to answer me. To talk to me.
Do you even know the color of my eyes?
No. Of course not, you can’t see things like that through text,
And you’ve never bothered to look at my face in person.
Not that I blame you, plenty of people will never get the chance to see it,
So what difference does one more person make in the long run?
Though I am sorry for you, my face is delightful, honestly.
But hey, what would you know from behind the cracked screen of your mind?

I’m sorry, but the number you’re trying to reach has been disconnected…
please don’t try again.
Hillsborough, North Carolina