dreaming slumber

by Hannah W., 14

To the welcoming hollow devoid of time I go,
Where slumber drips from softening leaves
Framing a bed of pearly moss wherein my
Eyes gratefully swoon into a welcoming sleep.

Where beneath my eyes waters pound of noble cliffs,
Where Nymphs and Dryads beneath glistening trees
Do dance, their long tresses catching shy blossoms
Like the grass catching diamond dew drops.

Now upon my silky bed do mine eyes
Seek this longed-for slumber,
Whilst blushing rose petals warm my groaning soul,
And fairies come to me, giving me sweet nectar
To slide down my throat, as they smooth my knotted curls with their
Pearl-edged combs, their sapphire waters cleaning my bronzed skin.

So now to this sweet slumber I go,
Whilst my maiden companions dance through
The silver moonbeams, their hair entwined with golden fireflies,
Dancing in their cascading garments
Whilst I rest my peaceful eyes,
Dreaming of forests bathed in silver moonbeams and Nymphs
Dancing the glowing night away.