feed dogs

by Avery A., 16

today i took the train
& i looked out the window
as the world blurred by
& i saw statues of
marble, stone
& envied their resolve
it is not over yet

the sky is washed out
& the sea is paint-water
stained & discolored
& the clouds are rough & soft & faded &
i feel the rocks beneath the waves
it is not over yet

fluorescent lights bother me, sting my eyes & roll them round
& the dark scares me
& candles & fires catch dancing beasts
& their dance, their march
that goes on & on & on & on &
it is not over yet

i remember warmth in cradle & kitchen & bed & bath
& i notice the lights of the subway
are lukewarm & damp
& worse, the lights in offices
are cold
stinging my eyes
& i wish to be warm
it is not over yet

i have been caught
in the feed dogs
& the steel teeth jab into me
& it is uncomfortable
& it hurts a little
& it pushes me along

i live for the thrill of icy metal
so the warmth of home burns
when it envelops
& i can catch it inside
& be that warmth
& it is not over yet
& i am glad
there is still time

Point Pleasant, New Jersey