by Sydney M., 16

I feared not the deepest corners of my mind when I was with you

Nor did I fear the fire the burned within me

For that fire burned for you

But never too bright

Never in a way that could outshine you

You were like the sun

That touched the very darkest of my heart

And pulled it into the light

You were so full of love

That I hardly deserve a taste

With you I learned not to fear 

Or to hate or loathe or regret 

But to love and feel joy and feel peace

We were so weary 

In need of a rest 

Of a moment to breath 

To catch our breath

But alas

I found myself breathless once more

Every time I looked at you

You were like a fire 

Consuming all the air in my lungs 

And dancing like a tower of warmth and light

There is a song carved into my heart that is meant only for you

Only for you and your light 

I would hold you in my hands like a precious gem

I would risk being burned just to feel you again 

I do not know anything else

I do not want to know anything else

You were all I had

And I would give anything to stay with you just a moment longer

And to feel your warmth once more

Tustin, California