by the 7th Grade RBMS AVID Class of 2022/23 

I’m grateful for my mom. 
She’s always there for me.
She protects me as much as she can.

I’m grateful for my sister’s smile. 
It always lights up my day.

I am grateful for my family. 
They make me laugh every time I’m with them. 
They are there when I need a helping hand 
or when I’m sad. 
They make me happy, excited, cheerful.
They are the best. We make funny jokes.
They help with my problems, no matter what.
They are there for me when I need them.
They protect me and are always there for me. 
They fill my heart.

I’m grateful for my family, 
my house, 
my friends, 
and the game of basketball.

I am grateful for basketball 
because I love to play 
and it is so much fun. 
And I love watching games 
because it makes me feel so much more 

I’m grateful for my friends  
because they are really nice, intelligent, cool, 
responsible, funny, caring, 
inspiring, honest, and hard working. 
I don’t know what type of person I would be 
without them.
I am grateful for my friends 
because they will always be there for me. 
I will also always be there for them.

I’m also grateful for my dog 
because he’s always there for me.
My amazing cats and my dog 
make me feel better each day.

I’m grateful for my barber fixing me up.

I’m grateful for books 
because they make me feel happy.

I’m grateful for music that I can always listen to 
when I need to take a step back from reality.
I am grateful for music because it comforts me 
when I’m in a bad mood. 
It helps me cope with my emotions. 
Music expresses how I feel sometimes. 
I hear music when I’m feeling down.
There’s a song for every problem or emotion you could have 
and that’s why I’m grateful for it. 

I am grateful for the clothes and shoes I have 
because others don’t have what I have. 

I am thankful for going to Mexico 
because some people can’t visit. 

One reason I love this planet is because 
I get to see the people I care about 
and live a life that I have on this earth. 
Each season I get to reflect on myself 
and do something different 
and enjoy it to the fullest until the next one. 

But even with all this gratitude, 
it’s always important to be grateful 
for yourself 
and the person you have become.

Red Bank, New Jersey