by Miles H., 14

Do you ever look down at your hands and ask yourself if they are really yours?
The nerves and muscle, twitching as the butterflies in your stomach grow restless. For one moment of your life, close your eyes and imagine a world in which your mind is the gateway to freedom. For it may be the most powerful thing the world has ever seen.

Dream you are flying.
Above the entire world like a bird in the horizon. Mother Nature becomes jealous as she stares at your simple movements, painting pictures like a paint dripping, brush to a blank page.

Our minds conceal so much power.
So much greatness.
So much simplicity, yet it becomes complexity in the perception of others.

Those who doubt us and believe we are not capable are only that way because they have locked their minds’ greatest potentials. When heat kicks in, dream that you are cold, and you become frozen. When the cold becomes too real, dream you are hot, and you become the sun.

Life sometimes is nothing but a game a chess.
You and the obstacles before you, battle it out with Pawns, Knights, Castles, and Bishops. Kings and Queens. Only you make your moves, for no one else can. Unlock your mind. Pluck the last string of reality and dream you are invincible. Nothing exists here. Nothing is to be done unless you stand up and do what you are meant to.

Dream, fly, play a game of chess so long as you are young and free. Because maybe one day, your hands will not be yours.