happy place

by Kayla P., 16

a tapestry of warm colors
reds, oranges, and bright purples
blending together across the domed ceiling
of a salty ocean
clouds creating shapes
and then brushing against each other
to make new ones
slippery rocks jut out of the shore
into the swaying blue ocean
casting an enchanting spell
on my eyes
on my soul
air, the chameleon of nature
filled with sprays of water
lightly sprinkling my face
those peaking waves
softly gliding into shore
and back out
into the horizon
even the birds seem to be singing
their sweet songs flutter through the air
making my heart join in with the melodies
rooted in my mind forever
a sweet fantasy
like the kind I read about in books
where everyone
can have a happily ever after

Downingtown, Pennsylvania