by Danielle P., 17

Hello, warming sun, glad to see you again
Thou burn my face, and make me tan
Long through days on the beach
A white crest, on the ocean-brine
Long to be tossed around by heavy waves and ripcurls
But, hello, warming sun, glad to see you again

Hello to the birds chirping away
Waking me up with a grimacing face
To upstart my day with gratitude
Until they go and silence the sky

I’m going to my own mind
Bosomed in the trees, alone
A secret nook in the branches
Where the birds hide from the sun
And echo from far away

Oh, when I am safe at home
My burnt skin withers away
I tread on the pride of the day and stretch into bed
Where the evening stars shine and keep me awake
Goodbye, proud world, I’m going home