here’s to the suburbs!

by Em C., 15

Here’s to the suburbs!
Raise a glass in honor of every chipping white picket fence.
Here’s to the unkempt baseball field whose sand was overrun with grass.
Here’s to the front-yard gardens overtaken by feral cats.
Here’s to lifelong friendship!
And every hangout spot we made a mess.
Here’s to our rusted matching bracelets
We refused to take off while wet.

Here’s to old times’ sake!
To the feeling of uncalled-for deja vu.
Here’s to the trees we carved our initials in.
Here’s to the streetlights growing dim.
Here’s to new times’ sake!
Doing everything we swore never to.
The time of excuses is running out.
A cheer for having nothing we could lose.

Here’s to growing the hell up already!
Sixteen but no less immature.
Here’s to your step-dad’s old Subaru he lent me.
Here’s to the objects that won’t let you forget me.
Here’s to moving the hell on finally!
Over a decade no more than a blur.
Here’s to the scars earned on unsteady streets.
Here’s to the consequences finally learned.

Midland, Pennsylvania