how to wake up

by Liliana G., 16

Remove yourself from all past events.
Trick yourself to try to do anything at all,
then let your own rebellion keep you seated.
Fuse both sides when you’re at liminal.
You won’t know what’s happening,
but you must excuse nature to be weird.
Don’t let them flatter you, then fall asleep,
demand to hear the answers to your questions.
Ask as passionately as you’d want replied.
Utter, suggest, or argue, whatever is needed.
Expect to be told to fly on command.
Find out for yourself why it’s important.
Do not dismiss closure when it tries to find you
go seek out sky if you dream of blue roofs.
Never stop adding to your memory collection,
scream if your subconscious bores you.
Only fear consciousness from here on.

Kansas City, Missouri