i am from

by 7th Grade RBMS AVID Students (2019/20)

I come from realizing that when days go back,
there will always be light at the end of the tunnel.
From trying our best just to get on the leader-board.
I come from the light.
From traveling from town to town,
country to country.
It has its perks.
How does it make you feel?
Good and safe.
I am from my friend’s jokes—
the laughs and wheezes and tears and giggling.
I am from a school of laughter:
a type of school where you can catch a laugh
or giggle at any time.
I am from a group of friends.
I am from a lazy world with a nice, comfy blanket in my room.
I am from playing Xbox and sleeping on a couch.
I am from my computer—
the feeling of me pressing my keys
over and over again,
my mouse moving around and around.
I am from getting excited and scared at the same time.
This world has love, happiness, and other feelings, too.
I am from the tickle monster that attacks my siblings.
I am from the books I read to my brother
even though he probably doesn’t even know what I’m saying.
I am from the beautiful waterfront view,
the big luscious green grass yard.
From my family
looking out the window
to see when my best friend, my grandpa, comes home.
I am from dog’s fluff,
the dog that looks like a cow.
I am from the beaches that my state is known for.
I am from the food that my parents make from their culture.
The world is great
and life is love.

Red Bank, New Jersey