i remember

by Anirudh V., 11

I remember the humid, hot air that drifted past me in Kerala

I remember the golden idols in the temples of India

I remember the sweet smelling nectar of mangoes that were being washed and cooked in the kitchen

I remember trying to brace myself from not dying from heat

I remember the natural palm trees that swayed as the wind blew

I remember the monsoon season that brought cool rain to the gardens of our house

I remember the large lakes, each one having reeds that reflected on the bright blue water

I remember the luxurious plane ride where the flight attendants did everything for me

I remember the beautiful skyline of Doha, Qatar (I landed here before my touchdown in India)

I remember the banyan trees growing taller, and taller, and taller

Until they became twelve times the size of me

Malvern, Pennsylvania