I warned you the sky would burn:

by Lianne A., 13

I look out into the distance,
When there was time you wouldn’t listen,
Now no time is left and you’re screaming,
As the sky is burning.

You denied it was true,
That’s all you would do,
As I cried and begged for a change,
You ignored all our rage,
Which led to the sea now rising,
And all of the trees dying.

You try to reverse the damage you’ve done,
But it’s too late to change what has happened,
I warned you this would occur at the end,
Such a shame you didn’t listen.

Now as I look up at the sky,
I wonder why,
No more was done,
Before the possibility was gone.

If I had the chance,
To return to the past,
I’d take it with a blink of an eye,
Just so I could make you listen,
Maybe next time you’ll listen,
Such a shame you didn’t listen.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Notes from our interns on selecting this piece: From the first stanza of this poem, it drew me in. The imagery of burning skies, rising seas, and dying trees creates an apocalyptic atmosphere, building a story of despair and hopelessness. The idea that “next time you’ll listen” is heartbreaking since the writer acknowledges there will be no “next time,” and it builds on the writer’s desperation and resignation with the repetition of “listen.” The topical subject matter of this poem along with the strong voice of the writer made it an easy choice for Voice & Verse.