i’m a dreamer

by J. X., 13

One more day and the world gets even worse. I’m a dreamer. I open the door to go to school and the wind blows my hair, but at the same time it blows all of my despairs. I step outside and I see the clouds puffy. It looks like pillows. I see the sun shining like pure gold. I walk to my bus stop and see all the kids waiting for the bus. I don’t want to go to school, so instead I run away to the park. While running, in my head I ask myself, what are you doing? But I don’t stop. When I get to the park I take off my shoes and swing on the swingset. I try to reach the clouds. I have so many dreams, and some of them are weird or impossible. But then I remember when I was younger, trying to swing myself. I sit down at the edge of the bridge and my feet touched the water. Suddenly I felt tears coming down my cheeks. I haven’t felt this feeling in a long time. It’s 3:00 and I have to go home. I run with no shoes because I want to feel the pain on my feet. Then I have the sudden thought to go to NY instead. I get home and I remember I had a dream that there was a piano in the living room. I pretend the piano is still there. I start playing the lovely melody my mom also played when she was my age. I leave before anybody sees me. I go to the train station and when I finally get in the train I think about the dream I had of being a great chemical engineer. I had a dream while I was asleep. It was a dream about me in a dark room, without any light, but then I noticed a candle. I was walking with the candle on my hand. I found a room, it was a room filled with words, words that I always said to myself. It brought me down. Then I saw a big mirror that was playing videos of other people describing me. The words they used were delightful, and I noticed I was my own biggest enemy. I get off the train in NY and I wait for the next train to take me back to Red Bank. My thoughts are jumbled.

To be continued …

Red Bank, New Jersey