it could have happened

by Lily A., 13

It happened in the blink of an eye. I don’t exactly know what happened. I know that something fell. It was metal, either iron or steel. It was about the size of a small child, but it weighed ten times more. It was in the city. A lot of people were watching. We were on top of a tall building, I have no clue how we got there. I wasn’t expecting a crisis. Nobody was. I was in the path of the chunk of metal. But it didn’t fall onto me. It fell on the person next to me. They pushed me out of the way. There was a helicopter. It took us to safety. They tried to save the person under the metal. He was a nameless hero. They took him to the hospital, knowing that it was too late for him anyway. They waited for him to be pronounced what it was obvious he was. Dead. Nobody could identify him. He left the world without a family or friend. It almost happened to me. But it didn’t. It happened to the nameless hero.

Freehold, New Jersey