join in, all of you, and let color week exist forever

by Daphne A., 13, Arturo F., 13, Gissel M., 13, Jacqueline P., 13, & Jimmy R., 13

Every day a human being dresses in what they like. They dress according to their taste, in style and fashion. But why not dress out of your comfort zone? Dress freely. The world doesn’t have to be dull. Let’s add color to the world! Many people have at least one shirt from the rainbow. So we’re calling this Color Week, which is to be celebrated between February 11-15 every year!

2/11- The day we celebrate blue. The world is covered in blue water with calming waves. The sky is light blue with big puffy white clouds. The big blue whale jumps into the blue sky and back into the deep blue ocean.

2/12- The day of orange, such a unique color in its own way–every color is unique–orange represents happiness and positivity. Even oranges are orange. Orange is the second color in the rainbow.

2/13- It’s the day where where we are feeling some kind of way. We could be feeling angry about something or we could be feeling loved by someone. Everyone has a different meaning and everyone has a different color to represent themselves. We have the color red to represent many things in our world.

2/14- There are colors everywhere, high and low. Purple day is the day we all celebrate loyalty in the world. It’s the day we all think of all the loyal things that people have done for us. Things you have done. Purple is the last color in the rainbow, but yes, it still matters. From your painted fingernails to your dyed hair shining with loyalty. You may look different, but it doesn’t matter because it’s the day you celebrate loyalty.

2/15- The day where all the colors combine to make the whole rainbow. Make the world scream with color! Everyday day will be combined and it will be the best!

Each day has its own color and it’s celebrated by each individual.
Team up to have the world scream in color.
Let it be brighter than the sun!

Red Bank, New Jersey