just a caress

by Alistair S., 16

Mischievous thought lingers
at the doorstep of the mind
and like a moth drawn to an open flame
danger and mystery whispers
curiosity and excitement listen intently
awaiting the arrival of adrenaline
to be the wings that carry courage
and fly with caution
while still radiating anticipation

Hope for the indifference of fear surfaces
for the need to touch
that beautiful phenomenon
the intriguing shades of tangerines
and the embers gliding through the air

That need becomes an obsession
one that constancy feeds
such feelings are the voices that encourage
forbidden love affairs and spark addictions

Screaming sirens are hard to ignore
especially when ears wish to hear
consciences being only hushed murmurs
nowhere near enough to bring worry back

Caution slips out through the gaped door
as trouble struts through

Everything goes quiet
when cold hands suddenly hold amber light
while intense heat scorches ebony flesh
after only a simple caress

Panic bursts in, panting, out of breath
when realization ruptures
dissociation and distraction both disappear

And all that’s left is scarred tissue
outlined in pain
as regret stands centre stage.

Cape Town, South Africa