kween of mixed emotion

by T. M., 14

I met you, I actually saw you, this time.

You’re really sweet, simply neat.

I like your personality but sometimes you make me so sad, bad, and mad.

You made me feel things, things that I didn’t even know I had for girls.

Oh god, what do I do now? Is this real? Could it be? Geez.

T., calm down, it’s not a really big deal.

Maybe it’s because we’re so close; this feeling will blow over.

Laughs here and there, text messages saying don’t be scared, wrong signals, giggles, wiggles.  Yup, that’s where it went downhill.

I made up my mind and yes the rumors are true.

These feeling are real; I love you; do you love me too?

I would ask you but things would get weird and I don’t want to be scared.

We all turn out to be friends and then it ends.

So I finally got the courage to ask you and you said yes.

Yes, yes, umm what do I do next?

What do we do next?

This is not how I expected it to be.

I finally built up the courage to ask you something important

so I guess we’re meant to be.

I was scared at first because I thought you would be like everyone else.

So, I pushed you away, but you kept coming back.

Until I was a little too harsh, and then you broke my heart!

You gave up on me but I never gave up on you; I promised myself that I’ll never lose hope.


 Red Bank, New Jersey