let me

by Annabelle A., 16

Looking up
Off of the 
Wishing to see
Only wanting water
And my smile
I’ll take you
Wherever you want to 
I’ll catch myself
Making the same mistakes

Let me see
That I’m not
For naught
I’m not convinced
That there’s love
Shining everywhere
But not for

Let me find
That this is not
The way
Turning a block
To be with you
Waking up in the 
To look you in 
The eyes

Let me light
The living candles
In your mind
It starts so
In the beginning
Falling into songs
Into smiles
Finding the one thing
That you love for
In my hand
The colors change
The hue
I’m still soothed by your
Loving voice
Still there are
Faceless self portraits
Filling the halls
Crushed roses lying 
In the cold
Empty stomachs
Running through the snow
I’ll never be so
Far away
Though, darling
But when I’m gone
Save your words
All for me
The darkest moments
Before dawn
Make me reach
For you
Until I fall asleep
With the fading world
Once again
Life before
Is what makes me
Hold you tighter
Staring contests
With shiny objects
And juggling
With sharp objects

Let me feel
Your sharp edges
Dancing on the
Crossing wire
Falling off
My parents’ bed
In a disorderly state
Now I’m standing
Inside your light
Letting my bones
Get warm
I can dream
The same way
I can believe
That someone loves
The proof
Is in my beating heart
Thinking about how
I was never afraid
To die
Now I’m afraid
To leave you
I know it’s not all
In my mind
The icy feeling
Of being stuck between
I get back to
By sitting in the 
Where every reason
To stay
Shines in my face
Your name rings
In my ears
My summertime
My glow
The curl
Of my world

Red Bank, New Jersey