by Dylan I., 16

Trees, grass, wonderful blue sky.
Wind blowing.
Leaves growing and falling.
These are all things we see every day but never take the time to appreciate.
We don’t take time to get in touch with nature.
Get in touch with who we really are.
People are too busy facebooking, tweeting, instagramming, snapchatting.
Nobody takes time to put the phone down.
Communicate face to face.
Take time to see how the world really is,
Instead of viewing it through a screen.
Nobody understands how technology changes a way of life.
Nobody knows how it would be without the phones, TVs, computers.
Nobody grows up in nature, learning to live with what they’ve got,
And what nature has to offer them.
Don’t be those people,
Be you,
Find yourself,
Find yourself in nature,
Alone and at peace.