by Caitie C., 13

Love is everywhere around the world. Love can mean anything. It can be anything, love can be a good and bad thing. We sometimes mistake love with something that actually isn’t. Loving a person who’s hurting you isn’t love, you’re being attached to someone. It’s okay to let go, don’t be scared. Love can be poison to you. It can be a drug, a substance that you can’t control when you take it. Love has the power to control who you like or things you love. You can’t force yourself to love someone or something because only your heart chooses. It’s a drug, a substance that makes you go crazy for someone. When you look in each other’s eyes you see the love, you can hear it and sense it. Love is like a pill that’s good and bad. A love pill can kill you or give you good things you desire. Some love kills you on the inside while no one knows. And love can bring good things in your path, too. Each time you see them you know why you love them, I can see the love in your eyes.

Red Bank, New Jersey

Notes from our interns on selecting this piece: This poem captures the complexity of love and how it can be both a wonderful and dangerous thing. The author’s use of metaphors, like love being a drug or a pill, really helps to illustrate the power and influence love can have on a person.