Maroon Haunt

by Eva G., 18

holdover from another era
except I haven’t moved past
still hung up over a baseball cap
she smuggled my last night in town
not sure if that’s why I still wear it around or if it’s because of that book scarred into me
fireworks were a nice touch for that ending
it’s resuming next month so maybe this was all interlude
I never was supposed to hammer in wooden planks on the windows
the jacket’s changed, even if the hat never will
this new one’s got pockets and a knife,
green instead of burgundy
that’s more maroon with all the
redacted, we don’t mention the night
bathroom floor
hat and jacket, now there’s a bracelet too, put a pin where I’ve been
a snowflake bead
for a fairytale queen
the eulogy to me and the phoenix
never flew away from the apartment
even when the rest got packed in a box and shipped over here
like a war memorial I insist on wearing

Alberta, Canada