by Aidan K., 15

Oh the sunlight. I miss it dearly. The warmth on my face and paws.
It’s been 591 days since the last time I have seen the light.
Locked up in my wooden cage, stuck on a pedestal for the amusement of others, the only thing that brings my salvation is the gaseous ball 93,000,000 miles from my current position.
Sometimes I feel people run past, and I hope they will free me from my pit of darkness.
Though, I feel good about today.
All of a sudden, I am picked up and my legs are swung into the side of the cage.
I am filled with joy, and it feels amazing.
The top is lifted and the light is blinding.
The sheer heat I feel is the best I have ever felt.
I stretch out, taking in as much as possible.
After a quick minute of examination from this human, he places me back down on the shelf.
As the lid closes, my hope goes with it.
Farewell sun, I hope to see you soon.

Middletown, New Jersey