my best friend

by Gissel M.-C., 13

Don’t say a word. Don’t think of anything.
Just give me a smile. I can’t believe it.
All of this seems like a dream.
I ran away, but stumbled upon our magic shop.
My best friend, that’s where I found you.
You’re like a butterfly, so beautiful yet so sensitive.
You shine so bright in this darkness.
I don’t know if this was a dream or a reality.
My heart is still shattering over you.
I wanted to spend more time with you
but it seemed as if you grew your wings and had to fly away.
I’m just walking in this darkness.
My wound keeps getting deeper and deeper.
I miss you, and every time I say that, I miss you more.
It still feels like winter.
I don’t know how much longer I have to wait
until spring comes back, until the flowers bloom.
But I’ll wait here patiently.
No darkness, no season can last forever.
Even if it seems like it does, that day will come.
Our memories are found in our Milky Way,
in our magic shop inside our hearts.
“You gave me the best of you,
so you’ll give you the best of you.”
You’ll find it in the galaxy inside you.

Red Bank, New Jersey