my story

by Rigoberto P., 14

I’m just a boy playing with his toys.
I’m just a boy.
A boy who has been through the greatest and the worst.
My story isn’t the same.
Lil’ kid not born as a true American.
Not born in the Great America, as they say.
But born just south of the border.
Struggles I’ve been through.
But I ain’t complaining.
Came here as a little kid.
Knowing that this is it.
The American dream.
The red, white, and blue.
Oops did I forget that this ain’t gonna be easy?
Working in the fields, housekeeping, busboy, painting, landscaping.
We do the jobs that no one does or doesn’t want to do.
I know I’m just a kid.
But life is right around the corner.
But I’m afraid to come out.
Come out and look for a job.
Without being asked if I have papers.
Not being told I’m too young.
Not being judged by the color or race that I am.
Afraid of what our president can do.
One day I was told by my father.
That if one day they get him I’ll be the man of the house.
And work hard just like him.
I didn’t know what he meant.
But when I heard “Make America Great Again.”
It hit me.
We don’t know exactly the things he could do.
We always have to be prepared.
I’m 14, going to high school.
Ready to see the world.
Anything could happen in a blink of an eye.
But I’ll be ready.
Red Bank, New Jersey