by Miles H., 13

Sea green.
Some sort of resonance from the depths of your soul. Nothing has been there for so long because nothing gave it the inspiration to do anything. Now it has purpose.

Electric blue.
A feeling so out of this world you don’t how to control it. Your mind now empty because you feel as if you are not there. Lifted from your soul and into your heart. The resonance shakes your body. Filling you with some sort of anxiety because you never know what to say, and if you do, you don’t know how to say it.

Rewind. Your entire consciousness has been dying to the plague of darkness. Your thoughts so shrouded. Your mind has taken a quick trip to Massachusetts but hasn’t come back. All you can do without it is form a new one. The new one not black but red. Anger fueling your entire life. All you can do is yell. But to what end? Back to reality, you know it is going well. Finish the game and move your final piece into play. Checkmate.