new year

by RBMS 7th & 8th Grade AVID Students 2019/20

A new beginning will happen
The better you do, the greatest you’ll be
It is okay to need help
It is okay to make mistakes
It is okay to lose sometimes
It is okay to be weird
It is okay to be who you are
Being who you are makes you different from others
It is okay to change
It is okay to be sad or mad towards someone or an event
But it’s not okay to make those emotions a burden

I looked back at the years before
Everything was moving so fast but so slow
You can’t have a better tomorrow if you are still thinking about yesterday
Now it is time to let go of all of what has happened
It does not matter what other people think of you

I will not give up on my dreams
I am going to push myself harder this year
I will be determined to do important things in life
I will let go of my pencil when I’m done writing
I will be happy today
Our imagination is so bright that anything would be possible
I am one of many with a purpose
I am myself, who I want to be
It’s okay to fall … what matters is that you get up

Hold on to the memories
Hold on to those memories that made you giggle or laugh
Hold on to the memories that make you smile
I hold on to the memories so that I don’t let go of myself

Forget all the bad memories
Let go of the least important
Let go of memories that hold you back
Encourage others to do the same thing
The best times will stay remembered
My wish for you is to be happy
My wish for the world is to show respect to each other
I am different than others because the world needs all kinds of people

Red Bank, New Jersey