ode to a burger

by Jake V., 14

Oh, the life a burger! It was 2:25 p.m., the usual time for people to rush to McDonald’s for lunch. And on the table sat Mac. The person who ordered him accidentally left him there. The cleanup guy was dreadfully late. So there Mac sat while he saw his kind being devoured on every table. Mac thought about what that must feel like. It must be pleasant, Mac thought. Or else nobody would agree to be eaten. Mac had been alive for an astoundingly long time considering he wasn’t “To go.” For about an hour he had been wasting on the table with ketchup packets to keep him company, though they said nothing and stayed still. Mac watched satisfied customers walk out the doors. He knew not what lay outside this McDonald’s, nor did he know anything besides the fact that he was a burger, and his name was Mac.

Mac kept watching the customers but nobody noticed him. And so he sat until he went stale. Mac thought it would be a peaceful way to die. But then through the doors came the cleanup guy walking lazily. His head bobbed as he listened to music on his phone. The manager got mad at him for being so late. But after that, he went to all the tables, except Mac’s. Mac was still neglected. This would have made any human upset, but Mac was just a burger. For a minute, nothing happened. Then nothing continued to happen. So Mac just sat there, forever.