one needs to smile

by Miles H., 16

One needs to smile. To feel love in those who they trust. To feel a sort of infinite fluctuate around their lives like water flowing into the sea. Moments are worth millions of words. Let your moments breathe joy as if every single breath you take will be your last. One needs to be happy. One needs to live on the edge every day. Exist as if you will die in the very next second. Break from the chains of your sorrows. Breathe the ecstasy of life. One needs to be free. One needs to be ecstatic in every single step one takes because if you don’t, all that you have gone through is just gonna weigh you down until you are left tired and beaten and bloody and so messed up beyond reality you will no longer feel the need to take a single step once more. One needs to realize who they are. That they have the power to feel the joy of life. To take your sadness and morph it into something that has changed and shaped the unique individual that you are. One needs to truly live until they die. All of us need to realize that you are who you are. Your life is your life. That tomorrow will bring greatness if you let it. That all of us. Our lives. Our moments. Our sadness. Our happiness. Our time. Is beautiful. We need to realize that We. Are. Beautiful.

Red Bank, New Jersey