Pep Talk

by the RBMS 8th grade AVID class of 22/23

Hi, I don’t know what to do 
with my life right now. 
I hope, 
by the time you read this, 
you have found peace within yourself. 

You were scared that day, 
knowing you were going to mess up. 
Are you proud of yourself? 
Did you meet your goals? 

Today I will do what others won’t 
so that tomorrow I can do what others can’t. 

Learn from your mistakes. Be yourself. 
Always try your hardest. 
Put effort in and work hard to pursue your dreams 
because in this world, everything is possible 
as long as you are willing to do the work. 
It’s true. 
Work hard 
and show your efforts 
because there might not be another time to do that. 
People come and go, 
so don’t waste time worrying about the past 
and what you did. 
If you’re going to worry, 
worry about your future 
and what you could still do then. 

If I can change, you can change. 
Everybody can change. 

So don’t waste your time caring for people 
who don’t do you any good. 
Never change yourself 
for anybody but yourself. 
Live your life to the fullest while you can 
so you don’t end up regretting it. 

Keep going! 
Work hard! 

If you don’t try, how will you know in the end if you succeed? 

Be the vision 
for yourself and others. 
Never stop dreaming 
and you’ll achieve that dream. 

I hope that when you most need your friends, 
they will be there for you. 
And if they aren’t, 
that you believe in yourself. 

Be strong. 
Always focus on the bigger picture. 
Always look on the bright side. 

Red Bank, New Jersey