by Tori S., 15

Passion turns into compassion
Diamond rings on top of diamond rings
In hell there’s heaven but you’re my heaven on earth
You describe me as a rose
I think you are mine
I want to wrap you up
Within my thoughts of you
I want you to read them word for word
Cover to back and back to cover
These thoughts that cross my mind
When I am in your presence it feels like time is in my possession
Passion turns into compassion
Is what you call me
Who doesn’t love a rose until my thorns pique
I poked you
I’m sorry
I can’t help it you make me nervous
My petals fall
There’s a difference between love and attraction
Time is of the essence
All the ones before you were a mistake or a distraction
You’re my heart outside my chest
They say love is blind but don’t worry
When you wake I’ll be right there

Long Branch, New Jersey