Sincerely, Me

by Kylah P., 14

Life is a mystery
that no one can understand
but for some reason
we all agree that
chocolate and vanilla
go hand in hand.
There’s unspoken rules
like when to say thank you,
when to say sorry,
and when to apologize
for being in a hurry.
It doesn’t always make sense,
and it doesn’t have to,
but it would be nice
to have a rule book
where it states what is true.
You can hold a door for someone
and it is kind,
but if you forget
then you must be blind.
For no one should be so disrespectful 
and if you are
then your upbringing must have been
very neglectful.
These are the rules we learn to live by;
it doesn’t mean they’re right
or wrong,
it simply means
that our human nature
is very strong.
To create a system 
that is meant to be
is not easy to do.

Norton, Virginia

Notes from our interns on selecting this piece: This is such a thoughtful and introspective poem that explores the complexities of human nature and the unwritten rules that govern our interactions with others. The use of rhyme and rhythm creates a sense of flow and unity throughout the poem, making it a pleasure to read and ponder upon.