strike me dead

by Natasha G., 16

To whom I hold no enmity
Strike me swiftly in the skirmish of our allies
Drive deep the sword you yield into my breast
So that I may not suffer the pain of our collision
For I have not the strength in my soul
Nor the brutality in my nature
To quarrel with strangers whom I know not of

To perish would be my last wish
Brawling will come thenceforth

Because I know not of you
Not of your wife
Your son
Nor your daughter
Because I know not of you
Not of your troubles
Your battles
Nor your anguish
Because I know not of you
Not of your crimes
Your misdeeds
Nor your transgressions

I cannot quarrel with you

As it may seem
Oh foe
If this battle must be won
If a victor must be titled
If you must quarrel
Whatever reason there may be
Then strike me
Blow at me when I am kneeling before you

Shout at me
That you long for peace
That action
Must be taken
Someone must be obliterated
Howl not
I beg of you
For I will accept
I am aware that this war cannot end without a victor
I understand that death be inevitable
That death be necessary
For peace
Of all things

So strike me
Strike me dead

Bayfield, Colorado