by Vivian P. D., 16

falling in love is seeing a star
and rejection is realizing
that the star was only an airplane

stars are fire they consume the planets
and the darkness they are so hungry
sometimes it feels like they could even bite away at

the discomfort that hangs from your shoulders like a jacket
in the july heat when you’re at the fair
the lights are too bright and dripping ice cream
and smashed popcorn always lands on your dress
the ferris wheel basket should feel empty
because you are riding alone but it’s crowded
every move you make
takes up too much space

but a star is just a star
too big and far and self-centered
to ever think about revolving around you
airplanes are almost
cooler because they were built
with hands just like yours
and they fly bringing lovers split
like two sides of a fortune cookie
back together again

maybe while loading baggage
onto the overhead compartment
two people will bump hands
and maybe they’ll talk about their shared
love of pomeranians and exchange
numbers and maybe they will go to a fair
together and their whispers will be louder
than the music the bumper cars play

or maybe stars are still cooler than airplanes
and maybe an airplane is just rejection
but you can still find love in it
build your own airplane learn
how to fly it, taste the air and then breathe
it all out like you were kissing the sky