the goal

by Kiara W., 16

Our encounters over time that establish our connections
impact the way we are speaking and interacting.
They are within us and influence our surroundings.

Within a subconscious it lies and changes or experiences
that can expand and conceptualize new beginnings and develop profound ideas.
Or manipulate the process of an unexpected journey.

It can be recognizable or hidden deep within.
Longing for a change will bring satisfaction in an introspective state.
The reflection of the product,
of the misshaped, but the perfectly, un-perfect state.
A result from happiness, the great feeling of bliss.
Or misfortune and a confusing mind that can spiral.

But does an enjoyable memory cause happiness continuously?

Doesn’t another break over time, as it drifts off,
when it wants to be forgotten?

Many can feel a hold of elements in their surroundings that are obstacles.
The mind can ease over time with persistence, and acknowledgement will be sought out
earlier and subsequent to thoughts.
Learning and identifying the source of the circumstance inspires a resolution
while living in the moment in our surroundings.

Hackensack, New Jersey