the sea’s star

by Henry S., 17

Four pronged suctions hug the sea floor,
sand and flesh, intermingling,
attached as one, an evolutionary and intimate unification.
Sunken to the depths, the deep wells of the sea provide protection.
The star takes refuge in the sand and its sandpaper texture feels around for the past.
The skin brushes up against the foundational layers of the seafloor,
sand on top of sand,
a geological layer cake,
the soft rocky grains are battered by the tides.
Oppression, reconciliation,
division, harmony.
The miniature pebbles swirl among the liquid salt and finally settle,
a new home at the bottom of the oceanic crust,
Moon and stars flirt with the tide, pulling it closer and pushing it apart;
the sea’s star remains on the seafloor, feeling the subtle gravitational shifts.

As the water recedes towards the glistening white circle, the starfish rises slowly towards the surface, suspended in the space between,
the galaxy loosens its grip and the starfish returns to the sand.
The sea’s star, intertwined between space and sea.

Millbrook, New York