the sun that is also a star

by Ailun S., 17

i want to swing myself higher, higher,
but no one is there to push me

to power me through the air, have me
parallel to the ground, singing to the

sun so far above me that i wish i could
reach, curl my hand around, and tuck it

into my pocket to keep it safe and
bring me warmth and light, except then

you will remind me wishes are for little girls,
that they’re better ground to dust and ash

before they make fools of us all,
but what you don’t understand is that

i wish you weren’t so far away, always
leaving before you even stay, or always

distant even when you’re in my sight,
just like the sun that is also a star and

i wish you were here to push my swing
to go higher, higher, until i can

grab and slip into my pocket that
radiant yellow orb, but see

you told me wishes are for little girls
so i’ll just push my legs out and

pull my legs in and swing by myself,
hope to reach for the sun that is also a star.
Palos Verdes Estates, California